Memory or latex mattress?

Memory is an artificially created material with polyurethane foam treated with substances that are not harmful to our body. So why prefer it as a component of our mattresses instead of natural materials like latex?

In fact, even a latex mattress is as ergonomic as a memory foam mattress but it has important differences.

First of all, there are various types of latex and the entirely natural type is derived directly from working with the rubber plant. The natural latex mattresses, by law, contain at least 85% of natural material inside them (and a small part of synthetic latex) while other mattresses are produced entirely with synthetic latex derived from petroleum. Learn more about mattress brands at Bestmattress-brand and stay updated on such things.

However, completely latex mattresses are generally not recommended for purchase as they require continuous maintenance and must be unlined often to be ventilated. In fact, this type of mattress tends to retain humidity and if it is not subject to proper maintenance it could easily be ruined and therefore not last over time.

Furthermore, even if latex has characteristics similar to memory, mattresses made of this material tend not to retain vibrations. In fact, unlike memory foam, latex does not retain movements but rather responds to them with dynamism. This is why latex mattresses are not suitable for people who often move during the night. The memory foam instead absorbs and absorbs the vibrations generated by the movements of the body ensuring stability and firmness of the mattress.

Latex is also a very elastic material that, like memory, can easily adapt to the shape of the body. For this reason, a total latex mattress is not recommended: in the long run, it could become deformed due to the weight of the person using it. To avoid this it could be useful to turn it often and use both its sides but it would be better to prefer a memory foam mattress to avoid this kind of situation. A mattress in memory, in fact, does not need to be turned because in doing so you would lose all the benefits it offers.