The mattress structure:

The mattresses with independent spring or otherwise called pocket springs represent an evolution of the classic spring model, offering even more adequate support and greater adaptability to the lines of the body lying on the bed. In this study we will try to dissect all the salient features of mattresses with independent springs, and the benefits they bring during the night: the pocket spring mattresses are considered the ideal support for those who want to sleep on a product without rigid elements, and which presents distinct ergonomic features which, adapting to the body, bring this type of mattress to the height of the most sophisticated competition such as latex or memory mattresses for comfort and reduction of tension on the vertebral and cervical spine.

The mattress structure:

The secret of the independent spring mattress is preserved in its structure, which sharply differentiates it from the classic spring mattress we are used to: first of all we have an extremely variable number of springs, generally quality products range from a minimum of 500 springs to a maximum of 1500-1600, up to the ultra-sophisticated premium models that also contain 7000, each of which is deposited in a bag.

These springs act independently of each other, in the action of leading memory foam mattress for the money supporting the body and adapting to every smallest movement we perform during night sleep: this is what is commonly called a mattress with differentiated lift zones, which means simply that only the springs that receive a pressure during the movement of the body are stressed, remaining the other buildings.

In this way the bed is more comfortable and flexible, and the user does not feel the springs either because they are enclosed in a bag, or because the different capacities adequately respect the variable pressure loads of the body, or the independent springs guarantee a targeted lowering or raising where there is pressure, without the involvement of the entire metal structure.

The air chamber that is created by the various bags plays a decisive role in pocket spring mattresses, which combined with the elasticity of the springs allows an excellent air circulation, avoiding the formation of humidity that especially in the hot season but in general when sweating in bed they could turn the bed into a culture of bacteria and pathogens.

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