When do you have to turn the baby mattress over?

Some types of mattresses should be turned regularly so that one side does not sag too much and is sufficiently ventilated. Unfortunately, it is often paid too little attention. By turning the mattress is evenly worn and is thus more durable. This avoids pronounced recumbent and the aeration avoids a concentration of moisture. It is best to turn the mattress when changing the bed linen.

Whether and how often a mattress should be turned depends on its material and its nature. Cheaper models are faster and need to be turned more often. Also, foam adapts quickly to the body shapes and could form troughs so that a turn helps. Some mattresses do not even have to be turned around if, for example, they have a certain structure that makes no sense from the other side (as is often the case with spring core models). These are usually slower as well.

Some baby mattresses offer a baby and toddler function and have two different sides, each of which offers better conditions for baby or toddler sleep. If you decide to purchase such a baby and toddler mattress, you have to pay attention to when it is best to switch from baby to toddler side. This is always designed individually and so no more precise specifications can be made.

Attention to children who are ready to move

How agile your child is can be very different in terms of temperament and developmental period. If you find that a more advanced sense of exploration is developing and your baby starts the first climbing attempt on the grid or discovers the mattress as his first “trampoline”, it is advisable to change to the toddler side of the mattress or get a more suitable model. Often you can try the change after 10-12 months. This is also the motto in terms of the sleeping situation. You just have to try out which lying characteristics are particularly suitable for your child and how particularly good and safe sleep is possible. What you should pay attention to, you can always read this guide. Read more about how to stop sleeping on stomach